Parking Bumpers

Not all parking bumpers are created equally. Many are made with leftover or “washed out” concrete, containing large and heavy rock. Many bumpers cannot withstand the daily abuse of vehicle traffic. Damaged and deteriorating bumpers are unsightly, and can be hazardous to vehicle tires. Installing durable bumpers is important.

Bertelson Precast produces the most durable parking bumpers available. Our proprietary concrete manufacturing process delivers a product that is stronger and lighter. We stock industry standard sizes and have the capacity to fulfill large orders quickly.

Why are our parking bumpers better than the rest?

  • Quality – Our high strength, rebar-reinforced concrete is extremely durable.
  • Consistency – We batch and mix our own lightweight concrete.
  • Durability – Our bumpers have the longest service life in the industry.
  • Service – We deliver and unload our products using our fleet of forklift-equipped trucks.



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