Replacement Stair Treads

Damaged or failing stairs are a danger to tenants and visitors, and a liability for property owners. Sometimes, a stairway must be demolished and rebuilt. This typically involves redesigning the stairway to meet current building code and ADA requirements. Often, a stairway can be repaired, by replacing the damaged concrete treads. Replacement concrete stair treads can be difficult to find. Bertelson Precast has the largest selection of replacement stair treads available. Property managers, building owners, and contractors have come to rely on us to provide quality replacements for common, as well as obsolete stair tread units.

Please Note:

  • Not all stair treads meet code requirements in all areas.
  • Installation must be performed by qualified and licensed contractors.
  • The installer is responsible for compliance with building code and ADA requirements.
  • All dimensions are approximate.
  • Rebar reinforcement is standard but not shown.
  • Standard color is gray.
  • Standard finish is a non-slip texture.
  • Custom colors, sizes and configurations are available.


Stair_STD  Stair_STD_DTP Stair_STD_DEPStair_DT4411Stair_DT4411RM  Stair_FWOTN Stair_FWO  Stair_FBOTN Stair_FBO  Stair_TVTStair_TVS